We are a group of geospatial science faculty who come from diverse personal and educational backgrounds. We are members or a leader of the Training and Retaining Leaders in STEM - Geospatial sciences (TRELIS) program, an NSF-funded traineeship program managed by UCGIS and The University of Maine.

This workshop is partially funded by UCGIS TRELIS through the Carolyn Merry Mini Grant. This grant aims to encourage continued discussion and personal growth around the TRELIS workshop themes of career trajectories & leadership development, mentoring & coaching, communication & language, reaching solutions for obstacles & conflicts, and work-life integration.

This grant program is named in memory of Carolyn Merry, professor emerita of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering at The Ohio State University and former President of UCGIS. Dr. Merry was particularly known for her remarkably strong and effective mentoring of women and junior scholars, and in her honor UCGIS also established the Carolyn Merry Mentoring Award in 2016.

The Golden Compass workshop organizing team includes:


Jieun Lee, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, GIS, and Sustainability, University of Northern Colorado. Originally from South Korea, Jieun was trained in Geography and is a member of TRELIS cohort 3, year 2020.


Mônica Haddad, Professor, Department of Community and Regional Planning, Iowa State University. Originally from Brazil, Monica was trained in Urban and Regional Planning and is a member of TRELIS cohort 1, year 2018.

Huyen Le, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, The Ohio State University. Originally from Vietnam, Huyen was trained in COnstruction Management and Transportation Planning. She is a member of TRELIS cohort 2, year 2019.

Laxmi Ramasubramanian, Professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, San José State University. Originally from India, Laxmi was trained in Architecture and Urban Planning. She is a TRELIS leader.